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I enjoy family, running, skiing, tennis, cooking, photography, dogs (especially our black lab, Duke), hunting, and much more! Blogging is obviously one of my hobbies.As a mother of a 19 month old girl and soon-to-be baby boy, I care about what I put into my body and my family's body. Since I was a teenager, I had a passion for healthy living. As Miss Minnesota National Teenager, I wrote an essay and gave a speech on childhood obesity. Through my years of playing soccer, I had nutritionists teach me about healthy eating as an athlete. During college, I took classes on nutrition, anatomy, and biology. I graduated with a degree in Business Marketing and currently, I am receiving my MBA from St. Thomas Opus School of Business in Entrepreneurship.My grandpa, a world-renowned cardiologist inspires me to research information I read on health related issues. I am constantly learning new information on ingredients we eat in our foods and how the additives/preservatives affect our body. In this blog, I want to share this information, but also provide quick, healthy recipes for mom and baby. I hope you enjoy!
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