Aja Owens
Aja Owens discovered her love of writing in grammar school. She loved to write rap songs and poetry that she shared with her classmates and church family on a regular basis.  As a student at Jennings Sr. High, Aja was well-known for winning writing competitions, talent shows and writing for the school's newspaper and yearbook.  Aja was encouraged by her journalism teacher in high school to pursue print journalism in college.  She attended Xavier University of Louisiana where she obtained her bachelors degree in Mass Communication as well as University of Phoenix where she obtained her Masters in Business Administration.  During her college years, she wrote for her school's newspaper, hosted her own radio show, and did freelance writing for magazines and newspapers across the country.  
In 2004, she co-founded Ni'Afidahli, an organization geared toward promoting progression in urban communities.  Ni'Afidahli launched a newsletter that welcomed contributing writers from all over the world.  She served as editor for the publication.   Currently, Aja has been co-facilitating a poetry workshop at Florissant Valley Community College. Aja is very passionate about helping young people and promoting education.  So when she is not organizing a show, performing her poetry and music, she is mentoring children or developing programs to assist them in some way.
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