Win $10,000 in St. Louis Bread Co. Sandwich Contest

The company is seeking the best recipes of people in Richmond Heights and Clayton through October 6, 2012.

St. Louis Bread Co. is giving away $10,000, free bagels for a year and more as part of a sandwich-recipe contest, University City Patch reported. Residents of Richmond Heights and Clayton are invited to participate through Oct. 6.

There are several Bread Co. locations in the Mid-County area, including:

  • Saint Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights
  • Central Avenue in Clayton
  • Clayton Road in Clayton

Quoting from the Patch article:

"During the month of January of 2013, a portion of proceeds from the sale of each winning sandwich will be donated to a non-profit organization. "

Learn more about participation and prizes in the contest in the complete University City Patch article.

More about Bread Co. on Patch:

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  • Baking Classes Available to Children Near Mid-County
  • Plugged In: St. Louis Bread Company is Home Office for Many


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