Veterans' Gazebo Plan Draws Skepticism from Resident [POLL]

Harlie Frankel told Richmond Heights City Council this month that he thinks another St. Louis veterans memorial isn't an appropriate use of resources.

One resident isn't thrilled about the prospect of placing a memorial gazebo honoring military veterans near The Heights community center.

"I think it's a duplication of services," Harlie Frankel told City Council at its June 4 meeting. He said St. Louis already has a veterans memorial, a reference to Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis city. That site honors World War I veterans and also hosts exhibits that pay tribute to veterans of other conflicts.

A group of volunteers that would honor veterans and host small-scale events. The facility would be completed next year in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of Richmond Heights.

Frankel said he's not trying to be un-American—he just thinks time and energy would be better spent on another project. He also questioned who would pay for lighting and other maintenance at the site.

Peppie Goevert July 02, 2012 at 03:03 PM
What resources are being used if this is to be paid for by fundraising? Continuing to honor our veterans is a way to bring people of all kinds together and to celebrate our country and keeping our American spirit alive. Thank you Richmond Heights for doing something that is positive and for honoring our veterans.


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