Turner v. Clayton Trial Over School Transfers Begins Monday

The case involving the School District of Clayton is expected to last three days, the district's website states.

The school-transfers case formerly known as Turner v. Clayton is scheduled to go to trial beginning Monday afternoon in .

Judge David Lee Vincent III will begin hearing Gina Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton in Division 9 starting at 1:30 p.m., the website of the states. The trial is expected to run through Wednesday, though more proceedings could follow.

At the heart of the case is whether suburban St. Louis County school districts such as the School District of Clayton should be required to enroll students who request transfers from unaccredited St. Louis city schools. Officials representing Clayton schools argue that such a requirement would represent an unfunded mandate.

On Feb. 7, Vincent consolidated Turner-related cases under the umbrella of the Breitenfeld case, the website Missouri Case.net states.

Breitenfeld, a St. Louis Public Schools parent who has children enrolled in Clayton schools, is the remaining plaintiff in the case. Two other plaintiffs, Jane Turner and William Drendel,.

More about Turner v. Clayton on Patch:


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