The Best Back-to-School Buys

"Patch" has gathered up all of the best local back-to-school sales. Use this list to get the best deals.

Friday through Sunday is tax-free weekend. Unfortunately, Town and Country, Manchester, Ballwin and Ellisville are among cities that have opted out. However, shoppers in those cities will still have St. Louis County and Missouri sales tax waived this weekend.

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In an effort to make sure area shoppers get the best deals, Town and Country - Manchester Patch did some shopping around and price comparisons of its own.

Here Patch readers can see which stores have the best deals on on many back-to-school items.

Prices are valid through Saturday, Aug. 6.

20 cents   
70-sheet, one-subject notebook

97 cents  
School box  
Fiskar flexible ruler  
Two pack of erasers  
Pencil-top erasers  
Solid color binder pouch

BIC Brite Liner highlighters

Avery 1-inch durable binder

Eight pack of washable large crayons
24 pack of washable crayons 
Eight pack of watercolors 
Eight pack of washable markers  
Character notebooks  
Fiskar scissors with sheath and stickers  
Elmers X-treme School Glue Stick  
10 pack of Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils, black and presharpened  
Construction paper

Fashion notebook
Paper Mate profile pens

Avery plastic dividers

Fiskar metal compass or protractor

Paper Mate mechanical pencils

Character pencil pouch  
Three pack of Kleenex tissues

SanDisk 4GB Flash Drive

1.5-inch zipper binders

SanDisk 8GB Flash Drive   


 (Town and Country / Ballwin)
Prices are valid through Saturday, Aug. 6.

Six pack glue sticks 
Fiskar scissors

Binder with pencil pouch
Three-subject notebook  
Binder bundle  
1-subject fashion notebooks
Mesh locker accessories

Three-count fine point Sharpie    
24 pack of Dixon Ticonderoga yellow pencils
Five Star Advance one-subject notebook  
8-inch locker shelf 

14-by-14-inch message boards
14-by-14-inch magnetic dry erase message boards  
Day planners

Fashion backpacks including Harajuku Nerdy Print Backpack in black and gray, Ipack Backpack Geo in red, and Double Dutch Club Ditsy Floral Backpack in green

Embark Pet Pals backpacks

Arctic Zone neoprene lunch kits
Bobble lunch kits


 (Manchester /Ellisville /Ballwin)
Prices are valid through Saturday, Aug. 6.
Deal of the week,
limit six
11 cents
Wexford two-pocket folder with prongs 
Buy One at  $9.99 Get One Free
High Trails or Anchorage backpacks or book totes

33% off
Mead Five Star Binders 

29 cents
Penway or Wexford erasers coupon, limit six
15 pack of pencil eraser caps or two pack of pink erasers

39 cents
Penway or Wexford one subject notebook, 60 or 70 sheets 
10 pack of Penway No. 2 pencils
Six pack of Paper Mate highlighters 

59 cents
Rose Art coupon
, limit four
Rose Art three pack or single jumbo glue stick
Rose Art school glue, 4 ounces 
Penway or Wexford filler paper, 130 sheets
Penway or Wexford composition book, 80 sheets
24 pack of Penway or Wexford crayons or 12 packs of their colored pencils

79 cents
Fiskars scissors coupon
, pointed or blunt, limit three    

99 cents
Limit three with card and coupon
30 pack of Pentel lead refills
Five pack Bic Grip mechanical pencils
1-inch splash binder 
Five pack of Corner Office or Wexford tab dividers with pockets

8 pack of Crayola washable markers classic

64 pack of Crayola crayons or 20 pack of Crayola washable markers
10 pack of Splash retractable gel pens
30 pack of Penway or Wexford mechanical pencils
24 pack of Ticonderoga pencils
Master Lock combination lock


 (Manchester /Ellisville)
Prices are valid through Saturday, Aug. 6.

Free backpack and lunch tote with purchase of $15 or more. Limit one per household.  

5 cents
Vinyl storage pouch
Office Depot brand two-pocket portfolios, limit 10
Protractors, limit three

69 cents
Eraser caps
Scholastic crayons

99 cents
Office Depot brand notebook filler paper
Office Depot brand space-saver pencil case
Two pack of Schoolworks Kids 5-inch stainless steel pointed scissors (2 pack)
Two pack of Kleenex On-The-Go tissues
Fashion notebooks, water bottles, pencil pouches, scissors and rulers starting at 99 cents

Five pack of Paper Mate erasable ballpoint pens
Purel jelly wrap
Elmers glue
Office Depot stainless steel ruler
Notebook three-hole punch
Plastic storage bins
Metal storage bins
Marble composition books

Foray erasable highlighter
Wilson Jones 1.5-inch, round ring flex poly binder with pockets

Paper Pro one hole punch
1.6-liter storage boxes
8-inch Office Depot brand scissors
Five pack of gel pensLiquid correction tape
Prang watercolor set and refill pan

Scotch-brand magic tape
Mead 5 star notebook with three pockets
Mead 5 Star reinforced filler paper
Milk crates
Wilson Jones 1-inch, light touch view binders
Three pack of Sharpie retractable permanent markers
72 pack of Office Depot brand wood pencils
Office Depot brand 9-by-12-inch clipboard
Two pack of Kleenex two-ply facial tissues
Mead 5 Star poly binders or Office Depot view professional binders starting at $3.99

Organizers and magazine files
Paper Pro Evo compact 15-sheet stapler
Purel hand sanitizer pump
12 pack of Foray dry erase markers
Four pack of Sharpie gel highlighters
4-by-6 -nch Dayminder pocket planner
Three-piece satin pencil pouch
10-sheet Office Depot three-hole paper punch

Lunch kits starting at $5.99

Prices are valid through Saturday, Aug. 6.

Buy One Get One 50 Percent Off with card
Select Caliber stationery, which excludes notebooks, pads and portfolios
8 pack of Sharpie fine point markers
Avery durable vinyl binders
Lunch carriers or backpacks
10 pack of Crayola markers
12 pack of Crayola colored pencils
15 count Crayola sidewalk chalk

Buy One Get One Free with card
Caliber tree-free multipurpose paper and Caliber notebooks
All kinds of tape

2 for $5
BIC pens, pencils and Wite-Out 


*Don't forget, Walmart has a price match guarantee. So grab a circular from another store, and if it has lower prices, Walmart will match it.

Natalia Motola August 04, 2011 at 08:56 PM
More ways to save: If you buy shoes at Payless, take your receipt to OfficeMax and get $10 of your $30 purchase.
Michelle Berra August 05, 2011 at 06:20 PM
Thanks Natalia, this really helps!
Natalia Motola August 08, 2011 at 10:23 PM
Thank you for reading. We saved big bucks this year.


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