No Appeal for MRH Players Ejected for Fighting

A MSHSAA representative said the ruling on the field will stand.

The two Maplewood Richmond Heights football players ejected from Friday's game against Cleveland NJROTC will not be eligible to play in Wednesday's district playoff game against Lutheran North.

The MSHSAA rule is that a player ejected for fighting is ineligible to play in the following game of the same level.

MSHSAA Director of Communications Jason West said MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association) received a letter from MRH on the ejection of the two MRH players, but West said there's nothing to appeal.

He said the referee's decision at the game stands.

"There's no misapplication of the rule," West said. "They were ejected for fighting, and there's nothing to appeal."

MRH Director of Communications Brian Adkisson said the school didn't appeal the ejections in the letter to MSHSAA. It was a letter describing what happened.

It's an MRH policy not to release the names of the ejected MRH players, and MSHSAA did not have them either.

The fight in the first quarter that involved the MRH players began when they tackled a Cleveland player near the Cleveland sideline and were piled on by a majority of the Cleveland players. MRH won by default 21-0 after Cleveland wasn't left with enough players to finish the game, after the ejections.

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footballmom October 30, 2012 at 12:37 AM
This is absolutely ridiculous! The two MRH players were defending themselves from a psycho coach and a whole football team! The way that Cleveland's coach acted was a shame. He should never be able to coach again. Coaches are supposed to set an example and lead by their actions. Regardless if they had "nothing to lose" they should have kept their hands to themselves. They showed very poor behavior and sportsmanship from the beginning. Maplewood's police department was already there because Cleveland has a reputation for this type of behavior. They should not have been able to play at all. Our boys at MRH and the coaches work very hard day in and day out and just want to play football, which they were unable to do because of pure ignorance!
Susan October 30, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Well said, the worst person on that field was the COACH. He was totally out of control. And yet, our 2 players can't play because of his ignorance.
RDC October 30, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Picture 2 of 2 shows the coach for Cleveland pushing one of the MRH players down. This coach should have been concern with getting his players to the bench.
Regular Guy October 30, 2012 at 12:18 PM
And the best part is the fact that Cleveland High School is a NJROTC. Part of their mission statement as taken directly from the official NJROTC website..."The NJROTC accredited curriculum emphasizes citizenship and leadership development...". So I'm thinking I don't want these possible future officers having control over any part of our nations military.
1987 November 07, 2012 at 03:44 AM
let the kids play most teams used to play 10 games a season now they play nine plus a playoff game they also split the gate. This is the first time Cleveland got in a fight and they lost big to most of their opponents. If the devils would play a clean game Cleveland would not have piled on. Don't act surprised !!


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