UPDATE: Higuchi, Klamer Win Clayton School Board Race

Incumbents Jane Klamer and Lily Raymond sought to fill two seats on the Clayton Board of Education along with newcomer Darryl Higuchi.

and won election to the Clayton Board of Education on Tuesday. Higuchi is a newcomer, while Klamer has served previously on the board.

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Higuchi won with 905 votes or 35 percent of the vote, while Klamer captured 903 votes and another 35 percent of the vote. A total of two seats were available. Initial results from the St. Louis County Board of Elections put Klamer as the lead vote-taker.

"I'm very happy that the voters came out behind me and liked what I had to say," Higuchi said Tuesday night. "And now it's my responsibility to be a spokesperson for my voters. And I'm happy at the fact that this was a total team effort with my wife and son."

He said he is gratified that people remembered him from election-related communications. While the race has prevented him from focusing on other things, he said he is looking forward to working with the board now that the election is over.

"I think I can get a good night's sleep," Higuchi said.

Klamer also spoke about the election results Tuesday night.

"I'm gratified by the results of the election and I look forward to the work we have ahead," she said. "We'll have a different board, and I look forward to us working together."

Klamer added: "Congratulations to Darryl Higuchi. I look forward to working with him on the board."

She said her colleague, Raymond, was "a fantastic board member for the Clayton school district and provided us with six years of very conscientious service." Klamer said she hopes Raymond retains a level of commitment to the district going forward.

Raymond did not garner enough votes to serve an additional term on the board.

Higuchi and Klamer will be sworn in April 11, the school district announced Wednesday in a news release. The results still must be certified.

They will serve three-year terms.

CANDIDATE TOTAL VOTES % VOTE  Darryl Higuchi 905 35 percent Jane Klamer 903 35 percent Lily Raymond
761 29 percent


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