Clayton Principal's Resignation Draws Commentary Via Social Media

The announcement that Dr. Louise Losos will leave Clayton High School this summer has prompted feedback from people on Twitter and Facebook

News of the upcoming has prompted reactions from people via social media.

At issue is an unconfirmed claim detailed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Losos created a Facebook account under the name of Suzy Harriston and used it to friend students and others associated with the school.

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Here's a sampling from Twitter and Facebook.

@matthew_schott: "an amazingly interesting story at Clayton High"

@BrianJGrace: "Great example of how not to use social media."

@jacirifkin: "Yeah, that's my high school."

@MichelleHarnois: "creepy!"

@ladystonehearts: "stay classy, st louis!"

@Michael_Wojcik: "C-L-A-Y-T-O-N! Clayton! Clayton! Go, fight, win!"

@jstheater: "Strange, but: are other admins doing this?"

@LoisElfman: "Makes no sense."

@edwinajune: "DEFUND DEPT of ED"

"I am upset over the contoversy over Louise Losos, the Clayton High principal, creating a facebook profile to monitor her students. How many stories have you heard about corporations and other employers making hiring and firing decisions based on what we do on facebook? I don't think it's fair that we live in fear of losing our jobs based on what we do on this page when this woman was edged out of hers for doing the reverse. Is it because it's a "good" school where the families have more of a buffer? Personally, I'd love to have more protection from my own authorities that be. As public as it is, my facebook time is part of my personal time that I need to re-energize. If Louise Losos must go, than maybe the idea of employers poking into our home lives must go, too."
— Melissa Fletcher

"The school needs to disclose their findings and explain why Louise Losos was posing as a high school student and friending students posing as a teenaged student. Whether it was inappropriate monitoring or potentially illicit relationship.

Cuz... let's face it, no answer = worst possible reason."
— Wing Tang Wong

More about Louise Losos on Patch:


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