Clayton Math Progress Drives Re-Elected School Board Member

Jane Klamer won a third term on the Clayton Board of Education on April 3.

*Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified the time period for which the 2003 bond issue was projected to last. It was projected to last three years. This article has been updated to reflect the correct time period.

won re-election to her third term on the Clayton Board of Education on April 3. In the next three years, she wants to help guide the board through the implementation of a new math program.

“Our math review took two years to complete and is now in its first year of its implementation,” Klamer stated in an email interview. “Basically, this was my entire second term. Given the importance of the subject, and the changes we made to our programs, I want to stay on the board through the introduction of our new elementary texts and the learning curve we will all have as we work to reach our learning milestones. I ran for re-election because I am intensely interested in the work of the board.”

Like all school districts battling a tough recession, Clayton’s district has struggled, Klamer stated. But she also said the district is in better shape than others.

“We voted on a tax levy increase in 2003, and it was represented to last three years*,” Klamer stated. “Before we go back over our votes, we need to go over our expenses thoroughly with the goal of reducing our costs. We have started our process, but because approximately 80 percent of our costs are salaries we cannot make drastic changes without affecting staffing.

"I suspect we will take out costs over the next year, but I think we will have to come back to voters when proposed cuts threaten to radically change how we teach. Our projections show we might need a tax increase in 2014 or 2015.”

Klamer also stated the projected date for a tax increase could be extended: If new construction picks up in Clayton, the district will once again benefit from an infusion of $200,000 dollar of tax revenue, something that was reliable for the district at one time.

The two-term school board member is thankful for the support of the community in the approval of a bond issue in 2010 that helped finance the construction of the new . Completion of that building is planned next year.

Klamer encourages members of the community to , a visioning process that will incoporate feedback from community members so the district can articulate and redefine its mission, vision and core values.     

Klamer is an attorney who has practiced law for 21 years.


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