Sun Glare at Wydown and Hanley Worries Driver

The St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic will look into the signage issue in Clayton.

Electronic message boards at and Hanley Road in will soon get attention from St. Louis County's department of highways and traffic.

The decision comes after Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch reader Gale Loman reported accidentally turning right onto northbound Hanley from Wydown on a red light. Two electronic message boards along the west edge of Hanley instruct drivers against doing that.

Loman wrote that glare from the sun at 7 a.m. blocked out the words on one of the signs and questioned whether they could be tilted so drivers aren't ticketed.

"We have not received any complaints about that particular problem, the glare, but we'll certainly look into it (as) soon as possible, probably later this week," said David Wrone, the department's public information officer.

The county is responsible for maintenance of the intersection.

While it's possible that moving the signs could make it difficult for people to see them, he said, county workers will investigate the issue and decide whether they can make changes.

A smaller sign stood at the intersection several years ago, Officer Korey Golcynski of the said. It was replaced by a larger one in an effort to help drivers read its message more clearly.

The sign is meant to protect pedestrians who are crossing Hanley. He encouraged drivers to take a second look when approaching intersections in the city to determine whether such signs are in place and to see any pedestrians.

Drivers should also follow the instructions on any such signs and not turn right onto the road unless it is safe to do so.

"Just take an extra second," Golcynski said. "Make sure you stop fully."


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