School-Transfers Decision Prompts Missouri Response

Officials will continue to monitor the aftermath of the Turner v. Clayton court decision, Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro stated in an email.

The state of Missouri will monitor the aftermath of the , according to a statement.

The case is formally known as .

“We believe the Breitenfeld, et al. v. School District of Clayton case is an important issue that needs to be resolved for the children and schools affected by the ruling, and we will continue to monitor this case,” stated Missouri Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro in an email from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“We are in support of any effort that ensures quality education for children.”

A judge ruled Tuesday in favor of , which the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said means students can't transfer from unaccredited districts to accredited ones for free.

More about Turner v. Clayton on Patch:


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