Republican George Allen, a Senate Seeker, to Attend Clayton Fundraiser

Harbour Group founder Sam Fox will host the private event for the Republican candidate from Virginia, saying he cut state government payrolls, among other accomplishments.

Harbour Group founder and resident Sam Fox will host a private fundraising dinner next month for U.S. Senate candidate George Allen, a Republican from Virginia. Allen is scheduled to visit on Sept. 9.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Fox commended Allen for the decisions he made as Virginia governor.

"I’m supporting George Allen because he has distinguished himself as both governor and senator and would make an excellent senator again," Fox wrote. "Serving as governor from 1994 to 1998, he lowered taxes on job creators and cut state government payrolls by more than 10,000—helping to usher in unparalleled growth for Virginia, with $14 billion in new investment and 310,000 net new private sector jobs.  

"His opponent, Democrat Tim Kaine, sees government as the solution to all problems. The two candidates present a very clear choice. In my opinion, there is no question which one would be better to have in the United States Senate."

Fox is a prominent member of the Republican Party in St. Louis and has worked as a fundraiser, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported.

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