Outdoor Dining Sought by Wasabi, Tucci & Fresta's

The Clayton restaurants have asked city officials to consider proposals ahead of summer.

Two existing restaurants are seeking approval of outdoor dining arrangements ahead of summer.

owner Jay Lee has asked the city for a review of furniture and a layout plan that would feature two tables collectively able to accommodate seven people, an agenda for the Clayton Plan Commission and Architectural Review Board states. The restaurant is located at 16 S. Central Ave.

At , 15 N. Central Ave., architect Scott Volding has asked for a similar review of a plan that would feature four tables collectively able to accommodate eight people.

They're not alone: Zoe Robinson has requested a review of outdoor dining plans at on Wydown Boulevard, while former owner Steve Gontram seeks the same for , 8125 Maryland Ave.

Former Ward 1 Alderman soon after she first took office in April 2003.

The four proposals will be considered Monday at a meeting of the commission and Architectural Review Board. The discussion begins at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.


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