Anna Brown's Death: No Protocol Review Planned, Attorney Says

She died last fall in a Richmond Heights jail cell.

The is not reviewing its protocol about interacting with inmates who claim to have a medical problem, an attorney for the city said Wednesday.

The "is such an aberration from what would, by any reasonable standard, be considered normal that the answer to that question is no," attorney Peter Dunne said.

"Richmond Heights complies with all applicable standards and rules and constitutional standards about the way medical care is obtained and provided to detainees," he said. "There is absolutely no question about that."

To his knowledge, he said, no one has died at the jail previously.

"There absolutely positively has never been any claim made against the city of Richmond Heights or the Richmond Heights police for anything that's ever happened at the Richmond Heights jail," Dunne said.

There were no new developments in the case as of mid-afternoon Wednesday, he said.

The Brown family has hired an attorney but has not filed a lawsuit in the case, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Sunday.

A spokesman with the -based could not immediately be reached for comment on whether that office is reviewing its medical protocols.

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