Menards Request Questioned by RFT's Chad Garrison

He expressed concern about the level of taxpayer support the company is seeking from Richmond Heights.

A for $24.1 million in tax-increment financing is "galling," Chad Garrison of the Riverfront Times wrote this week. The company plans to develop a store in part of the Hadley Township neighborhood of .

Quoting from the article about that project and :

"Who do these developers think they are -- an NFL team!? (Apologies to Stan Kroenke -- oh, wait, never mind.) And what happened to the original plan for Hadley Township -- to make it a mixed-use development with retail and housing?"

Richmond Heights communications coordinator Irene Johnson responded to his questions. Read her comments in the complete Riverfront Times article.

More about Hadley Township on Patch:

Lincoln Douglas June 07, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Why are you quoting the RFT? Garrison writes like a 10 year old. Your editor should have kicked this back and told you to actually write something. This is not journalism.


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