Lone Billboard Will Soon Vanish from Richmond Heights

City Council voted to terminate the city's contract with CBS Outdoor at a meeting Monday night.

The lone billboard that stands in will be taken down later this year following a City Council vote.

Outgoing District 1 Councilman Paul Lore suggested Monday that the city terminate its contract with CBS Outdoor, which manages the structure, in comments before his departure from the council. The termination will be effective July 31. 

The billboard "shadows (community center), shines in people's windows" he told the council. What's more, the city prohibits all other billboards.

"There's just something not right about that," Lore said. "It reminds me of the discredited adage that the king is never wrong."

According to the contract, the city has had the ability to place whatever it chooses on the side of the billboard that faces traffic going westbound on Highway 40, City Manager Amy Hamilton said. That side has been featuring an ad for The Heights.

The base of the billboard is enclosed by the . The council voted 8-1 in favor of terminating the contract. District 3 Councilwoman Gina Mitten voted against against termination.


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