Meeting Highlights: Clayton on the Park Proposal Wins Approval

The Clayton Board of Aldermen met Tuesday night at City Hall.

A in downtown Clayton is among the items set for discussion Tuesday by the city's Board of Aldermen.

The following are highlights from the discussion. An posted earlier.


8:27 P.M.: The aldermen are preparing to enter into closed session.

8:25 P.M.: Clayton police received 14,000 calls for service last year, Owens said. 

8:21 P.M.: City Manager Craig Owens is reviewing Clayton's various accomplishments last year.

8:19 P.M.: Ward 2 Alderman Cynthia Garnholz noted that The Washington Post recently included a favorable review of Clayton's Half & Half.

Eighty-six people are expected at Wednesday's State of the City address in Clayton.

8:18 P.M.: is getting new equipment this week, Goldstein said.

8:15 P.M.: Goldstein said she and Mayor James Beck recently met with Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal at the senator's request. Chappelle-Nadal will represent the cities when redistricting takes effect. Goldstein said she is looking forward to a continued working relationship with the senator.

8:11 P.M.: The aldermen unanimously have adopted the resolution in support of Proposition S.

8:08 P.M.: Aldermen are considering whether to adopt a resolution in support of a St. Louis County bond issue that would fund a new and renovations to the . Both facilities are located in Clayton.

The issue, Proposition S, will appear on the April 3 ballot.

8:07 P.M.: The aldermen unanimously have approved the modified contract.

8:05 P.M.: Aldermen are considering whether to modify its contract with DeLuca Plumbing for work at the 10 S. Brentwood Blvd. building, the future home of the Clayton police. Additional costs are expected because of issues identified during construction.

7:57 P.M.: The aldermen unanimously have approved the streets policy.

7:55 P.M.: Michael Pratt, the city's public works director, said his department works with the to alert people to pedestrians and bicyclists, particularly as temperatures warm.

7:52 P.M.: Ward 3 Alderman Mark Winings said he sees the policy as a codification of practices the city already follows.

Ward 1 Alderman Andrea Maddox-Dallas recommended the city do more education through its CityViews Newsletter and other avenues to encourage drivers to be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists. 

"I've seen some near misses," Maddox-Dallas said.

7:48 P.M.: Aldermen are considering whether to adopt a Clayton Complete Streets Policy.

"This would be just a nice formalized statement in once again reinforcing how seriously we take pedestrian safety and bicyclist safety," Goldstein said.

Ward 3 Alderman Steve Lichtenfeld said he thinks the policy is a great idea. But he asked whether adopting the policy would open the city to potential legal action were someone to argue that a portion of a local street isn't up to date.

O'Keefe said it would not.

7:41 P.M.: The aldermen unanimously have approved the conditional use permit for the court reporting institute.

7:40 P.M.: A Vatterott representative said that the company's corporate headquarters are in Olivette, MO, and that it also has a court reporting institute in Dallas.

The public hearing has closed.

7:37 P.M.: A public hearing has opened to consider a conditional use permit for Vatterott Court Reporting Institute, proposed for 7730 Carondelet Ave.

7:34 P.M.: The aldermen unanimously have approved the planned unit development for the Clayton on the Park site with an amendment. The amendment adds a clause calling for an operating agreement that would specify appropriate measures to avoid transient use of units other than to guest suites. 

7:32 P.M.: The aldermen unanimously have approved the rezoning of the Clayton on the Park property.

7:31 P.M.: The public hearing has closed.

7:27 P.M.: Braidwood said his company is open to working with the city to develop language governing how transient apartment units would be used.

7:23 P.M.: "If these (units) become offered on a more transient basis, then the use is not what we contemplate, and there are indeed tax differentials—how the property is taxed, whether there is a tax on hotel guests—as well as use and demand for services changes," O'Keefe said. "And I guess the thought is, how do we see to it that they do not become transient occupiers?"

He spoke in response to comments by Braidwood, who indicated corporations might rent units to be occupied by their guests.

7:19 P.M.: City Attorney Kevin O'Keefe said he wants to make sure legislation reflects how the building would be used. He said different codes govern a facility depending on whether it is an apartment or a hotel.

7:16 P.M.: A maximum of 208 rental units would be allowed at the facility.

7:13 P.M.: The project will likely involve the purchase of some furniture up front that could be used to equip rooms on an as-needed basis.

7:12 P.M.: Jason Braidwood, senior vice president of The Koman Group, is addressing questions from the aldermen.

"To say that the building is move-in ready is not inappropriate," Braidwood said. Much of the work developers plan to do involves the look of the interior.

7:04 P.M.: A public hearing about the has begun.

7:02 P.M.: The regular meeting has begun.


6:57 P.M.: The discussion session has ended, and the regular meeting is expected to begin momentarily.

6:52 P.M.: Goldstein said she is surprised more Clayton high-rises owners have not expressed interest in pursuing the installation of wind turbines. Jaggi said it's his understanding that such turbines often produce a relatively small amount of electrical power compared to that required to operate such large buildings.

6:50 P.M.: Arrays would be allowed in side or rear yards but not in yards that lie along a street, Jaggi said. That might preclude some homeowners from installing them, he said.

6:46 P.M.: Ward 1 Alderman Judy Goodman suggested the city explore guidelines regarding the appearance of solar arrays on high-rises. That's because people who live at and elsewhere might look down and see them. Jaggi said that while panels on high-rises will be exempt from some design criteria, they will still be regulated.  

6:44 P.M.: Mayor Linda Goldstein asked whether city officials will look at developing regulations for green roofs. Jaggi said such roofs would be examined on a case-by-case basis.

6:37 P.M.: Code amendments will be possible in the future as technology and acceptance levels change, Jaggi said.

6:34 P.M.: The Clayton Plan Commission initially reviewed proposed legislation last spring.


6:32 P.M.: Five solar installations have been approved in Clayton since 2010, senior planner Jason Jaggi told the aldermen. The city is looking to add regulations regarding solar and wind arrays to its code with an eye to the future. More requests for such units are expected.

6:29 P.M.: The meeting has begun. A hearing related to the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District has been postponed, so aldermen are hearing a presentation about alternative energy regulations proposed for the city.

6:14 P.M.: The meeting is expected to begin shortly. 


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