Food Trucks Welcome in Clayton for Private Events

Mobile food-vending equipment will only be allowed after vendors obtain the necessary permits.

Food trucks will be allowed in under limited circumstances following the passage of a new law Tuesday night by the city's Board of Aldermen.

Under Bill No. 6348, mobile food-vending equipment will only be allowed at private parties where the event host—not customers who step up to the counter—pays for any purchases, a memo from City Manager Craig Owens states.

People who want a food truck at such an event must get permits from the city's public works or parks department, depending on the proposed location of the food truck, and ensure equipment complies with health and safety codes. 

Times at which food trucks will be allowed are "private events, block parties, neighborhood gatherings and similar occasions," the bill states. It notes that the "popularity and proliferation of food trucks and other mobile food preparation and vending equipment has been increasing."

The bill does not preclude brick-and-mortar businesses already licensed to prepare and sell food from using outdoor cooking equipment.

Food trucks already have been allowed in Clayton on special occasions such as the and the .

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