Climate Change Resolution to Put Lights Out in Clayton

The city is again asking residents and businesses to participate Saturday night in Earth Hour, an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund.

residents and business owners are asked spotlight the issue of climate change Saturday by turning off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

The city's Board of Aldermen adopted a resolution Feb. 28 in recognition of Earth Hour, an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund that began in 2007. The city has approved similar measures in past years.

"As a leader of , it is recommended that the City of Clayton continue to be an active participant in and supporter of Earth Hour," a memo from City Manager Craig Owens to Mayor Linda Goldstein and the board states.

"This will add our voice to help focus global attention on the need to find solutions to climate change and demonstrate the power to make a difference in the future of the planet. Approval of the resolution will encourage residents and businesses to go dark during this one-hour period where practical, keeping in mind safety considerations."

More information about the project is available by going to earthhour.org.


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