Clayton Garage Contractor Sued by County

A lawsuit claims C. Rallo Contracting acted negligently in building the parking garage used by MetroLink passengers and others, the website WhoLou.net reported.

A lawsuit filed by last week claims a Clayton parking garage is in a state of disrepair because of negligence by a general contractor, the website WhoLou.net reported.

Quoting from the WhoLou.net article:

"St. Louis County Counselor Patricia Redington filed suit against C. Rallo Contracting on April 16 alleging breach of contract and negligence by the general contractor regarding the $14,733,278 Shaw Park Garage and Transit Center which was completed in 2005."

The garage is used by the city's MetroLink passengers, among others. It's also the are expected to use.

Read more details about the claims of negligence and breach of contract in the complete WhoLou.net article.


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