Parking-Ticket Revenues Set to Rise in Clayton

That's because of anticipated activity downtown in 2013 as the economy improves.

expects to collect less revenue from parking meters and lots next year because of a renegotiated parking agreement, a proposed budget states. But it projects revenue from tickets will rise slightly.

The renegotiation happened for economic development purposes, according to the fiscal year 2013 budget document available on the city's website.

Clayton projects it will take in roughly $1.577 million next year, down from the approximately $1.641 million in estimated revenue this year from on-street meters, permit parking and the Bonhomme and Shaw Park parking garages.

By contrast, the city expects to collect about $1.039 million in revenue next year from municipal court fines, parking tickets and other citations, up from the estimated $1.036 million anticipated this year. The projected increase represents about $3,000.

That's because the city thinks more people will be attracted to downtown "as the economy improves and the Central Business District experiences increased activity," the budget states.

The city experience a decline in fee revenue in fiscal year 2010 (roughly $983,000) during the economic downturn and less activity downtown, the budget states. The following year, the city increased expired-meter fines from $5 to $10 per ticket, resulting in greater revenue (roughly $1.034 million).

More about the proposed 2013 Clayton budget on Patch:


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