Clayton Board to Consider Gun Resolution, Seedz Cafe

The Clayton Board of Aldermen meet Tuesday.

The Clayton Board of Aldermen is slated to meet Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Clayton City Hall.

There will be a discussion session at 6:15 p.m. Items on the agenda include:

  • Century Home Recognition
  • Heritage Building Storyboard Update

The regular meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Items on the regular agenda include:

  • Resolution – To approve a Conditional Use Permit for Seedz Cafe located at 6344 S. Rosebury Avenue.

City Manager's Report

  • Ordinance – To approve the 1st Quarter Budget Amendment FY2013. 
  • Resolution – To approve the Title VI Plan/Policy to be in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Transportation. 
  • Resolution – To approve the 2013 Centennial Celebration Events Calendar.
  • Resolution – To support the Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns initiative for the Fix Gun Checks Act. 

The meeting is open the public.


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