Molecular Bloom Flourishes with Clayton Aldermen Vote

The board met Tuesday night at City Hall and also discussed upgrades at The Wilson School, a new roof for a parking structure and more.

A tall sculpture planned for and upgrades at are among the items the Clayton Board of Aldermen discussed Tuesday night.

The meeting began at 6:15 p.m. at with a discussion session, followed by the regular meeting at 7.

Download a PDF of Tuesday's agenda from the City of Clayton website.

7:43 P.M.: Lichtenfeld expressed appreciation for living in a city where businesses and residents give back to the community.

The meeting has ended.


7:41 P.M.: The aldermen have adopted a resolution to approve a contract with Ohio-based The Novak Consulting Group for a comprehensive strategic plan.

The contract totals $92,000.


7:39 P.M.: Aldermen have approved the contract.

7:36 P.M.: Mike Pratt, the city's director of public works, said the city did an extensive review of projects done by Geissler Roofing Company. The company is being considered for a contract to install a new roof on the city's garage, 8300 Shaw Park Dr.

The garage is expected to last 20 years, he said.

Ward 2 Alderman Cynthia Garnholz asked whether the low amount of the bid, as compared to bids from other companies, is cause for concern. Pratt and Owens indicated that should not be an issue.

The project is expected to cost approximately $215,000.


7:33 P.M.: They also have approved a contract with the artist for the project, which is expected to cost $400,000.

Bev Wagner has received applause, after comments from Goodman, for leading the group that identified Surls as a candidate for the sculpture.

7:32 P.M.: The aldermen have approved a project agreement with the Century Foundation for the in Shaw Park.


7:29 P.M.: The aldermen have approved a conditional use permit, allowing the school to proceed with its upgrades.

7:28 P.M.: "It will give them a much better learning environment," Lichtenfeld said.

7:24 P.M.: A public hearing is underway about changes planned at in the DeMun neighborhood.

Head of School Thad Falkner said the upgrades, which include the expansion of existing classrooms and an exterior stair addition, will not affect parking in the area during or after construction.

School representatives have communicated with neighbors about the process, he said.


7:23 P.M.: A few moments ago, Petey's owner told the aldermen the pup is looking forward to the , planned for the future.

7:16 P.M.: Lichtenfeld is preparing for a proclamation about Petey, the . We've posted a photo on our Facebook page!


7:12 P.M.: Feder said the financial cooperation of people, businesses and the city have made the foundation's efforts successful.

"That public-private partnership is really a key to a number of the projects," he said. He pointed to the and the as examples.

(Read complete coverage of the Century Foundation's projects.)

7:07 P.M.: A book reflecting on 100 years of Clayton history is in the works, Feder said. Washington University is one of the entities that made the publication possible.

The last book to chronicle the city's history came out in the 1970s.

7:04 P.M.: President Gary Feder of the Board of Directors is giving a presentation. Numerous representatives of the city's businesses are in the audience.

7:02 P.M.: The regular meeting has begun.


6:52 P.M.: The closed session has ended. The regular meeting is set to begin shortly.

6:31 P.M.: Aldermen entered closed session a few minutes ago. They are discussing legal issues, real estate, personnel, negotiation of a contract, proprietary information or a combination thereof.

As an aside, Ward 3 Alderman Steve Lichtenfeld is serving as mayor pro tem in the absence of Mayor Linda Goldstein.


6:28 P.M.: City Manager Craig Owens asked whether aldermen have suggestions for , held on Fridays. Aldermen who have not yet toured the might consider doing so, he said.

Ward 3 Alderman Mark Winings said he would like to talk about the city's formula for prioritizing capital projects.

"I would like to better undersand the mechanics that went into producing that list," Winings said.

Owens said that's a possibility, though likely not at this week's meeting.

6:27 P.M.: Ward 1 Alderman Judy Goodman asked whether all expenses were anticipated.

Watson said they were.

"We have not had anything substantial that has come up," she said.

6:21 P.M.: Janet Watson, the city's finance director, is presenting an overview of the first quarter of fiscal year 2012.

6:10 P.M.: The meeting is set to begin in 5 minutes.


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