Anna Brown Family's Attorneys Have Contacted City, Mayor Says

Mayor James Beck read a statement Monday about her death in a Richmond Heights jail cell.

Attorneys for have contacted , Mayor James Beck announced Monday during a City Council meeting.

He read a statement expressing the city's condolences for her death in September. It said that police followed protocol and that a review of policy shows police complied with state and federal laws.

"The city of Richmond Heights wishes to express its sadness about the unfortunate death of Ms. Anna Brown last September," he said.

St. Louis County's prosecutor is reviewing the details of the case, and the city will fully cooperate, he said. He said the city cannot comment further on the case because of the contact from attorneys for the Brown family.

The following is the full statement released by the city:

The City of Richmond Heights wishes to express its sadness about the unfortunate death of Ms. Anna Brown last September.

The involvement by Richmond Heights’ police officers began when the health care facility requested police assistance after Ms. Brown was released and refused to leave. During the period of time that Richmond Heights police officers were with Ms. Brown, there was no indication she was in any imminent danger. The police officers received a doctor’s certification that she was medically fit for confinement.

The policy of the Richmond Heights Police Department requires that any person,
under these circumstances, be medically cleared before they are confined. The Police relied on this certification when she was taken into custody. The policies of the Police Department have been reviewed and these policies comply with the requirements of both State and Federal law. The City is continually re-evaluating its policies and procedures for ways to improve and avoid any similar incidents.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney has begun reviewing the circumstances of this incident. The City welcomes this independent review and will fully cooperate.

We again extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Anna Brown. We have been contacted by their attorneys and because of that we cannot further comment.

lesa Davis April 26, 2012 at 05:16 AM
Anna was mi consin and she didn't deserve to be treated like that I offened wonder if she was wrongly treated because she wjas homeless, black, and a person that had to use an HMO, u practical have to tell them wat the doctors need to do to help u n the emergency room.


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