Richmond Heights Police Blotter

The Richmond Heights Police Department reported the following incidents on its website.

The Richmond Heights Police Department reported the following incidents on its website.

Aug. 18

  • A 25 year old intoxicated male was taken into custody after refusing to leave mall property and becoming involved in a verbal dispute with patrons waiting for a promotional shoe event.  He was booked and later released pending a municipal warrant application.

Aug. 19

  • A 22 year old male alleged he was robbed of his girlfriend’s pink bicycle as he was walking it northbound on Big Bend at Wise by two armed males.  The suspects claims he broke away and ran north on Big Bend into Clayton until he came across two Washington University police officers for assistance.   The victim contacted this agency the following day saying he decided to move out of town that day and no longer needed any police involvement because what happened was no big deal.  No suspects were ever located.

Aug. 20

  • A 35 year old male was taken into custody for stealing the brass fittings on the fire hoses used by the mall.  Municipal warrants will be sought.
  • An 18 year old male was taken into custody after he was observed taking a cell phone case from the kiosk.  He was booked and released on a municipal court summons.

Aug. 21

  • Victim reported the unauthorized use of her debit card information to make several purchases in Michigan.

Aug. 22

  • The victim reported his motorcycle stolen from outside his apartment.
  • A 34 year old male, who claimed to have a drug problem, was taken into custody for shoplifting.  He was booked and released pending application of a state warrant.
  • An alert mall security officer stopped to investigate what he believed to be suspicious activity in a parking area along the outer road.  As he got out of his truck to investigate, a suspect fled the victim’s vehicle and got into a waiting vehicle before it left the scene.  The mall officer examined the vehicle in question and discovered the suspect was attempting to disable the steering column in an effort to steal the truck.  A license plate was obtained on the vehicle fleeing the scene but it is not on file with the department of revenue in Missouri.

Aug. 23

  • An employee’s wallet containing a debit card and cash were stolen.  A suspect has been identified.

Aug. 24

  • Two 16 year old females were taken into custody for shoplifting.  They were released to their parents and the matter forwarded to the Family Court.
  • Officers responding to a disturbance discovered one of the parties involved was intoxicated and in possession of a firearm.  The 37 year old male was arrested and booked before being released pending application of a warrant.
  • A bicycle, valued at $100 was stolen from in front of the store after the victim failed to secure it before shopping.

Aug. 25

  • One pair of earrings, valued at $88, was stolen from the store.  Suspects were captured on CCTV but not identified.
  • The driver’s door lock was damaged after someone tried to gain entry to the victim’s vehicle.  There are no suspects.
  • Personal property, valued at $340, was stolen from the victim’s vehicle while parked in the garage.  There are no suspects.
  • A 19 year old male was taken into custody after he entered the traffic lanes of Brentwood Boulevard in violation of the do not walk signal causing a marked police unit to avoid striking him.  The suspect was also found to have an active warrant from another agency.

Aug. 26

  • Sports equipment, valued at $170, was stolen from the vehicle of a Macy’s loss prevention employee while parked on the lot.

Aug. 27

  • Police were called to the residence to investigate a domestic assault.  They spoke with the female resident and learned she was going through a divorce and that her estranged husband struck her before leaving the house.  Phone contact was made with the husband who refused to come in and speak further with officers.  A wanted entry for his arrest was placed in the computer.

Editor's note: Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch publishes blotter information for both Clayton and Richmond Heights. Richmond Heights provides blotter updates on its website, as does Clayton. View the latest Clayton police blotter at 3 p.m. Saturday. . For questions about this blotter, email nate.birt@patch.com.


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