Need For a New Olivette Fire House: The Big Story of the Week

Chief John Bailot explains how the department outgrew its space years ago.

On Aug. 7, residents in the City of Olivette will vote on two propositions to authorize city bonds to acquire and build new public safety and parks and recreation facilities in the City.
Proposition “S” authorizes nearly $9.4 million of City of Olivette General Obligation bonds to relocate the City Hall and Police Station and to build a new fire station in the current City Hall location. The primary focus of this proposition is improving public safety facilities and capacity for Olivette residents and businesses.
Proposition “P” authorizes $3 million of City of Olivette General Obligation bonds to redevelop and rebuild Warson Park for a comprehensive outdoor athletic and recreation complex.
The two bond referendums are separate from each other and require separate majority votes of four-sevenths in order to pass.

Talking about emergency response rates, the fire issue could be a matter of life and death for the 7,500 citizens of the community stated Olivette's Fire Chief John Bailot. "The present fire house lacks any modern systems and should an earth quake hit Olivette, the building could easily collapse with crew and equipment trapped inside," said Bailot.

The bond elections will be held in connection with statewide primaries on August 7. Polls will be open at Olivette voting locations from 6:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. on that date.

Fire Chief John Bailot went on a walking tour and explained how Prop S will directly impact fire safety in the City of Olivette.

Cornet of Horse August 06, 2012 at 01:48 PM
No on Prop S. Bullroar... This is a chance for Olivette to ditch its independent fire service, saving MILLIONS of dollars in future expenses. If being a fireman is such a drag in Olivette, why do the firemen stay around? Because the pay and especially the benefits are huge. And the risk to life and limb are really not that high... Job security? You betcha. Olivette, Ladue, Clayton, Overland, etc should combine fire service and save their residents a TON of money. Do it now, before the multi-million dollar facility becomes a sunk and unnecessary cost!!!


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