Criminal Minds: Deer-Head Delivery, an Unusual Stabbing and More

A roundup of odd and unusual crimes in and around the St. Louis area.

Here's the latest roundup of unusual crimes reported in the St. Louis area.

Man's Friends Stabs His Car in the Hood

A High Ridge man managed to avoid being stabbed Feb. 19 after an altercation with his friend, but his vehicle wasn't so lucky. The man said his friend attempted to cut him with a kitchen knife before he chased the friend to the driveway of his home. There, the friend stabbed the man's 2002 Pontiac Trans Am with the knife, puncturing its hood.

It's a Good Thing Mom Didn't Expect Her Son to Eat His Veggies, Too

Police were called to a family disturbance between a mother and her 12-year-old son in the 7600 block of Ravensridge Drive in Shrewsbury. The juvenile refused to go to bed and kicked his mother in the side after an argument. The case was referred to juvenile authorities.

A Message Sent?

A 76-year-old man reported that someone left the head of a deer in his driveway at Edgemont Street on Feb. 19.

A Strange List Indeed

Someone stole about $70 in merchandise including dill pickles, dental floss, chocolates, lip gloss and nail polish around 5:45 p.m. Feb. 3 from a business on Zumbehl Road in St. Charles.

Maybe He Hadn't Read the Articles Yet

A High Ridge man reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department that someone stole tools, fishing gear and some cash from his home workshop Feb. 9. He also reported the theft of a 1960 Playboy magazine.

Half a Sweet Tooth Did Him In

A man who police say appeared high microwaved an Iced Honey Bun on Feb. 6 at the Road Ranger, 205 North Hwy. Dr. in Fenton, and ate half of it. He then microwaved a twist doughnut and ate half of it before leaving the store without paying. He was arrested.


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