Attempted Break-in Reported on South Meramec Avenue in Clayton

It happened Monday night while residents of the house were inside, the Davis Place News website reported.

An attempted home break-in this week in the Davis Place neighborhood happened while a property owner was inside, Community Services Officer Korey Golcynski of the Clayton Police Department said Wednesday.

The incident happened Monday night on South Meramec Avenue. The property owner heard a noise and saw a person running from the house, Golcynski said. The suspect is described as a white man between 20 and 30 years old. He wore a light brown hooded sweatshirt.

Residents can use motion-sensing lights to protect their homes against a break-in, Golcynski said. The lights come on when they detect movement, meaning they can alert homeowners to the part of their house that might be at risk. The lights can also help scare away a prospective intruder.

Homeowners should also keep their windows and doors locked, keep an eye on neighbors' houses and set their alarms. Golcynski said alarms recently have helped deter several would-be intruders.

Clayton residents may also sign up for the Crime Phone Notification System, the Davis Place News website states. Police use the information to notify people about criminal incidents in their area as needed.


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