We're Cruising!

A mobile child is also a happy (and mischievous) one.

The breakthrough happened Friday while at the home of our friends Ben and Mandy. There, Micah discovered that he could move forward using his knees.

He demonstrated first by himself and later with the assistance of our friends' two pups, Molly and Mason.

Micah is very proud of his accomplishment. I know this because he doesn't throw a fit every time he is left on his stomach for more than two seconds. Instead, he forces his lips together, extends his hand as far as it will go and advances toward whatever interests him at the moment.

Enticing items include: Ink pens, TV cords, our cat and an iPhone.

If you spot a pattern here, please email me. Perhaps it will help Julie and I sort out his career path.

Crawling's ease has brought with it a newfound interest in cruising. (An aside: My spellcheck tried to turn that into "cursing." I surely hope my proclivity for salty language hasn't rubbed off on the little fellow quite yet.)

I formerly did not know what cruising meant. But my wife enlightened me. Turns out, it's toddling around with the help of furniture and other surrounding objects. Just picture those crazy people who climb way up on a mountain and bear-hug the rock as they attempt to transition from Point A to Point B.

Only in the baby's case, the risk is greater because there are no ropes attached.

This is going to be fun.


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