Sick Baby, Sleepless Nights

My wife and I are experiencing the joy of bringing comfort to an ailing youngster. Want to baby-sit?

At the risk of inviting an ugly virus, I can safely confirm that having a sick child is worse than being sick personally.

Poor Micah came down with some sort of cold Wednesday—fever, runny nose, cough.


That of course means he doesn't sleep well. So he has abruptly awoken from naps in the past few days and wakes up screaming at night.

Translation? Welcome to the world of co-sleeping!

As I've said in the past, I'm not an advocate for this sort of thing. Everything I've heard or read indicates it is a risky practice because of suffocation hazards. But when you find yourself running on fractured sleep and a thousand scattered thoughts, it seems like a pretty good option.

My wife and I also don't want him to get into the habit of joining our already-diminutive bed. But we would rather get some rest in exchange for heightened positivity than keep him in his crib and become bears.

So here's to a good night's sleep, hopefully tonight.

Or Saturday. Maybe by Sunday? Zzzz.


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