Mayor James Beck Urges Richmond Heights to Vote

Casting a ballot isn't only about choosing representatives, the city's mayor writes in this letter to the editor. It's also about taking advantage of a hard-won right.

Richmond Heights Mayor James Beck shared the following letter to the editor ahead of Election Day, which happens Tuesday. Read more coverage of the candidates and issues by going to .

I hope every eligible voter in the is determined to go to the polls and vote on April 3.

In each of our four City Council districts, residents will be asked to determine who will serve as their mayor for the next four years, and they will be asked to determine who will serve as one of their District’s two City Council members for the next four years. There are also multiple other issues on the ballot this April for voters to determine.

Some friends and neighbors may try to convince you that voting is an exercise in futility; especially in a year when Richmond Heights City Council has no contested races. Whoever is running will win, the stay-at-homers may say. And although residents can opt to select a write-in candidate for any position, chances are good the certified candidate listed on the ballot will be elected.

But I want you to consider this: Choosing the winner isn’t the single most important reason for voting. Voting is about two things -- choosing what you believe will best represent your interests for the greater good of your community and taking advantage of the hard-won right to choose who and how your community, your state and your nation are governed.

When you vote, you choose the person(s) who will work for you during the term of office. You can then take advantage of opportunities to express your concerns before those who govern your community.

You can call or write your elected officials to tell them what you think about certain issues and decisions. You can meet with them face-to-face to discuss issues of importance to you and your family. This type of personal contact and involvement in your government can have tremendous effects over time.

Those who fail to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the governing process by making their wishes known at the ballot box choose to give away their ability to influence.

Richmond Heights seniors and those with disabilities who need transportation to get to the polls are encouraged to call our Senior Van Service as soon as possible at 655-3667 to schedule a ride.

See you at the polls on Election Day.

Honorable James J. Beck
City of Richmond Heights

Ryan Martin (Editor) March 30, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Well said, Mayor. Thanks for sharing this letter.


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