First Birthday Party Gives Baby Plenty to Smile About

Friends, food and gifts rounded out Micah's inaugural birthday bash on Saturday.

Micah celebrated his birthday in style on Saturday. His mommy did an outstanding job planning and hosting the puppy-themed Bark-B-Que: Creating cupcake toppers, banners and tablecloths, assigning people to bring certain kinds of food and so on.

It also was a group effort. My sister-in-law, Brittany, spent two days with Julie working on various party projects. My father-in-law, Bruce, served as the grillmaster for the day, dishing up burgers, hotdogs and brats. And all of the other family and friends in attendance pitched in, bringing food and helping us celebrate. Even his under-1 friends, Max and Aubrey, came to show their support.

(Our loved ones out of state sent their love and birthday wishes via the U.S. Postal Service, Skype, email and text message.)

Micah approached his black-and-white puppy cake (thanks, Mimi!) hesitantly at first. But when given a fork, he went to work. He hit it like a drum and later began to pull off chunks with his hands. The result: A face awash in black icing and a baby full of sugary energy.

After a quick bath, he transitioned to the presents. Among the gifts: Lots of darling clothing that I suspect will fit him into next year, books, snacks, a sandbox complete with water moat, a toy airplane with little plastic passengers, puzzles, a fishing pole from his great-grandparents and more.

He wished his fan base a nice evening and, by 8 p.m., had crashed in bed. I think he enjoyed himself.


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