Baby Points the Way with Verbal Calisthenics

My son's language skills are developing quickly thanks to a new game he invented.

My son started playing a new game a week or two ago. He projects a forefinger into the air and asks, "That?"

The object of the game (I gather) is to learn the name of various items around him. Correction: Every item around him.

Micah is smart as a whip, and it shows in his questions. He isn't pointing randomly. He's got specific objects in mind. And the game ends only when Mommy or Daddy places him on the ground and collapses from exhaustion.

Among the words heard most often around our house as part of the "That?" game, in order of popularity:

  1. Fan
  2. Cup
  3. Phone
  4. Dog 
  5. Cat
  6. Light
  7. Fridge
  8. Bookcase 
  9. Paper
  10. Crib

He's become fascinated by the bright red numbers in one of the books we read regularly (Zelda's Puppy Love, for those who care). Both Julie and I spend time pointing at objects in that and other board books to explain what he's looking at.

We're convinced that one of these days, he's going to go straight from baby talk to full-fledged sentences.

Until then, we'll get really good at "That?"


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