Baby Placed on Injury Reserve; More Bruises to Follow

Our son is quickly learning to endure the pain that inevitably results with increased mobility.

Our nearly 10-month-old son is quickly learning that with greater mobility comes greater resiliency.

Micah still can't crawl forward, but he's certainly curious about everything within an arm's—or fall's—reach. That includes computer cords, dust bunnies and cabinet doors.

It comes at a price. This week, he smashed a finger while shutting the cabinet beneath the television. My wife tells me it took a couple of silent minutes for reality to set in. Screaming followed.

He also bonks his head on a semi-regular basis after falling backward (loss of balance) or forward (grabbing for something on the floor). This does not produce too much sadness, provided Mommy or Daddy is close at hand to distract him with conversation or a toy.

This week also marked Micah's first trip to the library with Mommy. Board books trend toward animals, including Spot the dog; an A-to-Z feature that focuses on puppy activity; and dragons.


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