Kaldi's Beehive of Activity Leads to Bee-house Fresh Coffees

We have missed Kaldi's on Demunn (closed for remodeling since 7/12/2012) but the NEW Kaldi's on Demunn re-opens on Friday, July 19, with incredible changes!

We were saddened when one of our favorite coffeehouses, on Demun (the original) closed for re-modeling on July 15. However, it has been a beehive of activity to get significant changes made, including "bee-house fresh coffees" at the newest coffee bar.

While enjoying a cup of iced coffee (set up on the sidewalk outside), this blogger was invited inside to view the major structural changes made during the re-model. The service counter has been greatly expanded and a staunchion for lines installed to ameliorate those long lines out the door. In the process, a wall along the North side was removed, exposing a multi-paned window which now floods the service area with natural light.

The south-side of the service area has expanded into the old "reading space" as the Brew Bar with rows of "bee-houses" set up and ready for the first customer tomorrow. "Bee-houses" are single cup brewing devices---think small French press---which means your coffee cannot get any fresher as the hot water is poured over the grounds in the "bee-house" and into your cup! Same great coffees, but fresher!

In the room nearest the bathrooms, the Moroccan theme and color scheme is gone---replaced by a slightly shiny black "sealskin" color to the walls and white painted tin tile ceiling. The large mirror there will go from gold trim to silver.

Thank goodness, Audrey Hepburn still reins in the South bathroom.

Part of the floor throughout the space now has re-cycled Missouri barn planking; the hallway connecting the "bee-house" coffee bar and the back room is now a luscious red. The counter-tops are re-cycled wood too.

The biggest change is the the menu. Some price increases, but more items are "gluten free" and the vegan menu is GREATLY expanded. For example, the burger uses MATCH burger and there is a Chickpee Wrap as well as a Curried Chickpea Salad. The same great coffees, smoothies, Chai Lattee and teas are joined by Batch Brewed Coffees, French Press, Hand Brewed, and Chemex coffees at the Brew Bar.

Stop by the re-modeled Kaldi's on Demun for drinks and great bakery items. Tell them Blogger Mark sent you and enjoy!

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Don Rickels July 23, 2012 at 04:25 PM
There were things that needed to be fixed and remodeled there particularly for the staff who now have more space and optons to serve the customer. However, Kaldies on Demun has always been a community/neighborhood based coffee house. Many people, including myself go daily for the interaction and connection to the neighborhood and community. I The coffee has always been secondary. In fact, comparatively speaking the drip coffee there really isn't that good, but the reasonable prices and sense of community kept folks coming back. With the remodeling have come changes that have pushed the community and regular customers to the periphery. Refills no longer exists and the menu is more expensive. In short, they have priced many regulars right out of the place inlcuding me. What a shame, but the new ownership principle is about franchising and getting paid. They could have kept the Demun Kaldies a community based, legitimate low keyed coffee house, and still had remodeling improviements that supported the staff in performing their jobs. However, it now looks and feels like one of the franchised Clayton and Kirkwood locations. Bottom line is that the DeMun spot was not about the coffee but about the relationship to the community and the great connection between staff and the community.
LeeAnn Tapscott July 24, 2012 at 10:07 PM
I'm curious to how a community coffee shop that wanted to tidy and brighten up their space seems to have a threatening effect? So, I decided to go find out for myself. What I saw was a darling improved Kaldi's, same interaction, and connection as before. All they did was open up the space a wee bit, and display hidden architectural gems that were not present before. This added a beautiful soft light to their charming decor. I especially loved the new barn wood counters. Nice personal level too. The counter was designed in such a manner that instead of being bunched up like a hive a bees, there was order and flow. This will be especially appreciated when the winter winds come rolling in, and you'll be glad there's a place to move without any chaos, while maintaining your warm and toasty selves. Speaking about beehives, the "Beehive Cold Brew" is divine. A must try. I had the sweet almond honey toffee, and not too sweet. Just perfect! Another nice touch, the sunny side on the N/E corner was blessed with some much appreciated table umbrellas. The menu boards above are very easy to read too; easy to discern little red G’s next to the items that are gluten free, and the little green V’s for the vegan palettes. This is important for those who prefer to have a preference in the menu without asking. Kudos for Kaldi's for updating and providing an adorable update to our community. Bah hum bug to the cheapy's who want everything for free. Their pricing is just fine.
Bryan Simmons August 23, 2012 at 01:05 PM
I haven't been there, but one person I know described the new look as dreadful. I'm angry with them because my wife and son went there and my son tried to order their white hot chocolate. He was told that they know longer have that, but this other drink is a lot like it, but even better. On the way home, he tasted it, and it was coffee based. My son is ten years old, and doesn't drink coffee. Too bad my wife didn't save the receipt and tell me about it right away, because I would have gone there and given them a scolding. Her response was to unlike them on FB. I might just "Like" them so I can post a copy of this on their page. You can save yourself some cash by buying the 10 oz. bags of Java Delight Sumatra at Shop'n Save rather than pay Kaldi's prices.


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