Finger Scanner at The Heights Will Replace Membership Cards

Richmond Heights shared this overview of the new technology and what it means for members of the community center.

community center in has introduced a card-less system for checking in members, the city announced this week in a flier.

An overview of the new system and how it works is posted below quoting from the flier.

More details are available by calling The Heights at 314-645-1476.

Why is this new system being implemented?

  • Convenience: Members often say they wish they didn't have to bring their ID to check in. Now you don't have to bring anything except yourself and a workout towel!
  • Security: Cards can be lost or stolen. But it is hard to misplace your fingers! This new system ensures that only you can use your membership.
  • Green Focus: We're always looking for more ways to be environmentally friendly. By eliminating membership cards, we eliminate a lot of plastic and paper waste.

How does the new Cardless Check-In system work?

Accessing The Heights has never been easier! Once you've enrolled, you can check in by going to the front desk and placing the middle two fingers of your left hand on the finger scanner. No membership card necessary!

How do I enroll?

Ask one of our Team Members at the front desk to help you enroll. We'll take three scans of your middle fingers on your left hand. We scan both fingers at the same time so that the system has more data for a better algorithm. Enrollment only takes about a minute to complete.

Does this mean The Heights will have my fingerprints?

No. We've partnered with our software providers Vermont Systems and M2SYS to develop this convenient new way to check in. By scanning your fingers, we chart the distance between a few distinct points that are unique to you and come up with an algorithm or identifying number based on those distances. Neither we nor Vermont Systems or M2SYS store your fingerprints, nor can the data we store be re-created into a fingerprint image. Additionally, we do not sell, lease, rent, trade or otherwise transfer the data to any third parties.

Since we now have the Cardless Check-in system will I still need my membership card?

No! Now that the system is in place you won't need your card anymore for membership check-in. Our new check-in system doesn't use membership cards, so you won't have any use for it. You will still need a keyfob card if you participate in the Get Fit programs, for Tot Care visits, or for admission to the .

What if I don't want to participate in this new way of checking in?

We're making changes to all of our computer systems, so you'll no longer be able to check in with your old membership cards after October 1. If you don't want to enroll, you'll have to bring your driver's license or another government or school issued ID each time you check in. We will then type in all that information and check it against the info and picture we have on file for you. If you forget your ID you will not be allowed admission into the facility.

The Heights is always looking for ways to make our services better for you. Thanks for participating and being part of our efforts to provide easier, safer and more efficient services.


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