Patch Picks: Five Worst Things About August

If your temper is rising along with the temperatures, rest assured you’re not alone. This week, we give Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch readers five good reasons to hate the month of August.

  1. Heat — We’re only a month away from the autumn relief of September. It’s hard to remember relief is right around the corner when suffering through 30 cloudless days of temperatures flirting with triple digits.
  2. Sunburn — It’s hard to get a sunburn in St. Louis during December. Try to remember that when the cloudless August skies and hot temperatures leave you looking like a reject side dish at Lobsterfest
  3. Bugs — Ants. Mosquitoes. Flies. Summer is a buggy horror. Oh sure, you also get ladybugs and butterflies. Try to remember how pretty they are the next time you’re scratching a mosquito bite. 
  4. Outdoor Concerts — At every other time of year, people get to enjoy music indoors with amenities such as air-conditioning, bathrooms and a roof. Summer is the season for outdoor concerts. August is the last month in which you have to bring camping equipment to a concert. 
  5. Bad TV — Ads for September television exist to remind us just how slim the pickings are in August. You only have to suffer through one more month of reruns and made-for-TV movies before we start to get some original content from channels other than HBO.


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