Does 'Donnybrook' Need a Youthful TV Parallel?

One blogger says that would add perspective on the St. Louis area.

A youthful version of the KETC Channel 9 show "Donnybrook"—which features Clayton residents Charlie Brennan and Bill McClellan—might add new perspective for viewers and spotlight St. Louis issues, the blog St. Louis City Talk states.

Quoting from the post by blogger Mark Groth:

"I believe the current panelists are all Baby Boomers.  And while I appreciate their perspectives, I think the next generation in their 20s and 30s (ones who want to live in a vibrant city) are the keys to St. Louis' future."

Read Groth's take on how to add to the work already being done with "Donnybrook" in the complete St. Louis City Talk post.

Mark Cockson July 26, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Hello, Mark: You have an excellent idea. This is one of the reasons why I helped Focus-St Louis' with the "Connect With" initiative. The true hallmark of leadership is knowing when to "pass the torch". Have you spoken with Tim Eby about this yet? Maybe starting it on the local public broadcast radio station would prove what a good idea it is.... regards, Blogger Mark Cockson


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