Clayton Studio Seeks $30,000 from Floyd Mayweather's Boxing Partner

Fitness studio Sweat/Pound 4 Pound claims in a court document that De Andre Latimore also owes thousands of dollars in late fees because he defaulted on a settlement agreement signed in 2010.

Clayton-based Sweat/Pound 4 Pound fitness studio is seeking $30,000 and thousands of dollars in late fees from boxer Deandre Latimore, court documents filed Sept. 26 in St. Louis County Circuit Court state.

The suit stems from a settlement agreement executed in September 2010. A suit on promissory note document claims Latimore agreed to pay Sweat a total of $30,000 and to pay a $25-per-day fee from Sept. 20, 2010, in the event that he defaulted on the agreement.

"Defendant has failed and refused to make any payments pursuant to the note despite Plaintiff's request for payment, and Defendant is now in default," the document states.

Latimore worked as a sparring partner for Floyd Mayweather Jr., whose recent fourth-round knockout of Victor Ortiz created some controversy.

A copy of the settlement agreement appended to the filing states that Sweat paid Latimore $30,000 during 2010, and the company was to perform some management duties in exchange for 10 percent of his purses that year.

The agreement came about after his purses failed to reimburse that amount, the agreement states. Under terms of the agreement, he was supposed to pay Sweat in the amount of 10 percent per purse until fully reimbursing the company, provide a signed bout contract or agreement one week before the event to verify the amount of money he was to receive, and pay the 10 percent figure within seven business days of each bout's completion or be penalized thereafter with the $25 daily fee.

Clayton attorney William Floodman, who is representing Sweat, declined to comment because litigation is pending.


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