2011 in Review: Most-Viewed Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch Stories, Part 3

This weekend, Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch looks back at the year's most popular stories.

This weekend, we're closing out the year with a look at the most viewed stories of the year on Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch.

  • Saturday: Nos. 6-10
  • Sunday: Nos. 1-5

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Thanks for a great year. We're looking forward to covering our communities in 2012.

What happened: Dr. Poppy Daniels opened an office in with a commitment to natural childbirth and a passion for bringing together midwives and doctors. Her work partner, midwife Jessica Henman, hopes St. Louis will be home one day to a birth center.

Why it matters: In addition to the opening of new medical offices, in Richmond Heights made headlines with its ongoing renovation project. More updates are expected early next year. Richmond Heights also .

What happened: Clayton resident Christopher Corrigan died in October after being hit while riding his motorcycle in Colorado.

Why it matters: An acquaintance shared touching thoughts about Corrigan's life and character.

What happened: Joachim Knill of Hannibal, MO, took best of show in this year's Saint Louis Art Fair, while other artists took home a host of prizes.

Why it matters: The event is a staple and drew thousands of attendees from the St. Louis area and beyond. This year's art celebration began with rain but ended in sunshine, a fitting end to what is arguably the city's largest annual gathering.

What happened: As discussion about how to regulate backyard chickens revved up in Richmond Heights, contributor Chris Reilly introduced us to some of the arguments for and against the controversial birds.

Why it matters: After months of conversation and sometimes heated discussions at City Hall, City Council approved an ordinance in early December that permits ownership of up to five backyard chickens. The law takes effect next month.

What happened: Ahead of Nordstrom's much anticipated opening at the Saint Louis Galleria, a benefit at the department store raised funds for the , the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM), the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis Art Museum. Patch contributor Catherine Krummey introduced us to some of the attendees in an extensive photo gallery.

Why it matters: The gala at Nordstrom highlights both the excitement surrounding the creation of jobs and additional tax revenue in Richmond Heights and the many generous donors who call St. Louis home. The event raised more than $110,000.


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