Worldwide Disposable Diaper Shortage Could Bring Higher Prices

If parents aren't willing to pay a few more bucks for Huggies, then many may decide to go with cloth diapers.

Moms and dads of infants might have to shell out a few extra dollars in coming months with an expected worldwide diaper shortage.

According to STLMoms.com, an explosion at a Japanese chemical plant, which produces a key element in disposable diapers as well as produces 10 percent of the world’s diapers, happened this past weekend and could affect diaper production.

Currently, disposable diapers in Florissant run close to the same prices. A pack of size 1 Huggies, approximately 40-50 count, costs $11.99 at Walgreens and $10.99 at Schnucks. A large amount of Pampers, such as between 84 and 112 count, between sizes 3 and 5 costs $24.97 at Schnucks and $27.99 at Walgreens.

If parents aren't willing to pay a few bucks extra, there’s always the alternative of cloth diapers.

Kathy Huntebrinker owns Maryland Heights-based Baby Care Diaper Service, a cloth diaper service, and said that she’s ready to go if more parents look toward the cloth diaper route. She said on average, $19 per week would get parents 80 diapers dropped off and picked up by their service, which she said is less than an average for disposables.

The service travels to Florissant and as far out as O'Fallon, MO.

Huntebrinker also pointed out that cloth diapers are healthier for the environment as well as helps babies potty train earlier rather than later.

What do you think of the diaper shortage? Will it deter you from disposable diapers or are you prepared for a price spike? 

Wendy Meese October 04, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I already cloth diaper and would recommend families consider purchasing prefolds and washing themselves. It doesn't take too long and is even more inexpensive than a diaper service. We spent roughly 300-400 on everything we needed to get from birth to potty trained and we are reusing everything for our next child! Much cheaper and way less trash.
Aja J. Junior October 04, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Well, with a baby on the way, this has definitely made me reconsider cloth diapers. I'm not opposed to either diaper, but a lot have said I should go the disposable route -- to save time.
Beverly October 09, 2012 at 05:07 PM
I completely agree with Wendy. If you do go the cloth diaper route, do yourself a favor and buy the sprayer for your toilet (attatches in less than 3 min to your toilet) for those messy diapers. I spent $40 on mine at Cotton Babies. Well worth it! My son just turned 3 and has been 100% potty trained for 6 months now. I think he trained so easily becuase he was always cloth diapered.


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