Weird St. Louis Craigslist: Greetings from Spring Goddess

Ceramic artwork from the 1920s , a $1 oven and a fridge-turned-Cardinals beer dispenser are among this week's highlights.

Richmond Heights residents seeking good deals this weekend need look no farther than Craigslist for some cool—and unusual—finds.

Here are several pieces of locally owned merchandise recently posted for sale:

Split-Personality Chairs
The seller bills these two pieces of furniture as restored "shabby chic." At first, it's unclear what about these nice-looking chairs is shabby. But a quick Internet search reveals that shabby chic is actually a design style characterized by stuff that looks classy because it's old, or at least looks that way. In any case, they're nice chairs. Pay $130 and they're yours.

A Goddess Out of Season
Hang this ceramic artwork depicting a spring goddess on your wall today! This item dates to the 1920s or 1930s and costs $35, the seller writes. We'll let you know when the fall goddess is available for purchase.

Dinner for the Football Team?
Here's a working oven from the 1980s. The seller notes that this item is rather heavy, "so please come prepared with several strong people to lift it." It's hard to pass up with a price tag of just $1. You might also want to bring an electrician to install the thing and a paramedic in case someone smashes a toe in the process. They'll all expect to be fed with food heated in this charming appliance.

Anonymous Artist
This framed oil painting—described by the seller as "exquisite" and a "masterpiece"—appears to depict people crowded together in a hallway. The painter is described as a local artist and a friend of the seller. It's intriguing, and you might solve the mystery of the painter's identity with a purchase of only $265.

Cardinals Beer Box
This former refrigerator has been painted Cardinals red and includes the Red Birds' baseball logo. Its new role? Beer dispensing. "Kegerator will hold up to a half barrel, the seller writes. Three other converted fridges are available in varying prices and styles. It's $660.

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