The Loop Trolley Receives Funds to Start Construction

The Loop Trolley Transportation Development District has accepted a $24,990,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

Trolley aficionados have been dreaming of bringing a real, old-fashion electric trolley to the Delmar Loop for over ten years. The Loop Trolley is planned to be a 2.2-mile "fixed track" trolley line from the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park to the University City Library.

Supporters have hoped the project would be an economic boost to the area and could improved livability along Delmar east of Skinker and along DeBaliviere.

“A fixed-track vintage trolley system built in a first-class manner can add to quality of life, increase tourism and spur economic development,” said Joe Edwards in a press release. Edwards is the chairman of the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District and the owner of several Delmar Loop attractions, like Blueberry Hill, the Tivoli Theatre, the Pageant, the Pin-Up Bowl, and the Moonrise Hotel. He also help found the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

“The heritage trolley can be an environmentally positive attraction as well as a prototype for connecting other areas in St. Louis through clean electric transit. It will be a source of pride for the metropolitan area.”

The Citizens for Modern Transit and Edwards formed the private, nonprofit Loop Trolley Co. in 2001 to raise funds to meet these goals.

Annual operating costs for the trolley are estimated to be about $1.3 million. The system will be revenue supported with $600,000 from fares, $500,000 from a TDD, and $200,000 from advertising and institutional subsidies.

The Loop Trolley is scheduled to open in mid-2014.


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