Restaurant Inspections: New Dynasty Restaurant, Panda Express Complaint

See how your favorite Richmond Heights restaurants performed in St. Louis County health inspections.

Restaurant inspections in Clayton and Richmond Heights are conducted by the St. Louis County Department of Health. Patch has a summary of the public reports affecting area eating and drinking establishments reviewed Jan. 1-31.

Grade rankings range from A (highest) to C (lowest). Report comments and explanations are provided in Patch's summary. Follow-up inspections are noted, other visits are routine.

Dynasty, 6710 Clayton Rd.
Inspection date: Jan. 16
Grade: A (95)
Comments: Need consumer advisory near sushi area; no HACCP plan in place for sushi rice; three soda coolers are being used to store food; store containers for dry food ingredients are not labeled; equipment made of wood is not allowed to be used on food or food storage. The restaurant was approved for opening, with a follow-up in 30 days for Hepatitis A records.

Panda Express, 1155 St. Louis Galleria St.
Inspection date: Jan. 22
Grade: A (100)
Comments: A customer reported they became nauseous after eating beef, broccoli, orange chicken, noodles and rice. During the inspection, items on the steam table were not holding temperatures of 135 degrees. The item was corrected on-site, according to the report.

P.F. Changs, 25 The Boulevard
Inspection date: Jan. 25
Grade: A (98)
Comments: Storage containers for dry ingredients are not labeled; ice scoop at main ice machine is damaged. Scoop must be replaced.

Pointers, 1023 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Inspection date: Jan. 17
Grade: A (99)
Comments: Walls are damaged around three-compartment sink area. 

Starrs, 1135 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Inspection date: Jan. 25
Grade: A (98)
Comments: prepackaged items are not labeled; floors, walls and ceilings are damaged throughout kitchen and back storage area. 

Hibachi San, 1155 St. Louis Galleria
Inspection date: Jan. 22
Grade: A (100)
No comments provided in report 

Internation House of Pancakes, 8049 Clayton Rd.
Inspection date: Jan. 25
Grade: A (98)
Comments: Shelving in reach-in cooler has build-up of debris, no hot water provided at hand sink in kitchen area.

Blue Sky Tower Grill, 1034 Brentwood Blvd.
Inspection date: Jan. 24
Grade: A (96)
Comments: Facility owner is making desserts at home to serve in restaurant—home-baked items are not made in an approved facility. Hepatitis A records are not available for all employees.


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