New Spin on Straw Polls: Fitz’s Root Beer Gets Political

Sales of ‘Campaign’ Root Beer will be tallied daily.

Fitz’s Bottling Company is jumping into the presidential election with their first-ever Campaign Root Beer. The Limited Edition Root Beer Campaign bottles featuring either President Obama or Governor Romney are available now through Election Day, Nov. 6.

Fitz’s will track the sales of the campaign bottle Root Beer each day and will post them regularly on their Facebook page. After one week of sales, President Obama bottles have outsold Governor Romney bottles by a small margin.

Fitz’s Limited Edition Campaign Root Beer Bottles are available at Fitz’s Restaurant in University City. The collector’s items are being sold individually for $2.99, in a four-pack for $9.99 or by the case, $29.99. (Orders can be split!) Shipments can also be made nationwide — to customers in red states, blue states or swing states.

Michael Alter, owner and president of Fitz’s Bottling Company thought that although this might not be the most scientific of polls, “we’re hoping to have some fun with it. After all Root Beer is an all-American beverage, so it just makes sense to use it to promote the election and use sales of Romney and Obama bottles to gauge the vote.”

Alter said he’s anxious to see “how accurately our Root Beer straw poll will predict the Presidential race in the St. Louis area. Only time will tell!”

Fitz’s Bottling Company is a craft-soda microbrewery and restaurant located in the historic Delmar Loop in University City. In addition to its famous Root Beer, Fitz’s produces and bottles other Premium sodas including old-fashioned Cream Soda, Orange Pop, Grape Pop, and the .

Fitz’s only uses all natural pure cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup, to sweeten all of its traditional soda varieties. Diet versions of Root Beer and Cream Soda are also available.


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