Miso on Meramec to Close Its Doors This Week

The sushi restaurant had been a popular Clayton restaurant for more than a decade.

After nearly 12 years in business, Miso on Meramec will be closing its doors this week, reports St. Louis Magazine's Relish blog.

The sushi restaurant, located at 16 N. Meramec Avenue, had experienced a decline in business after Clayton enacted its smoking ban in 2010, the blog post notes. 

A farewell party is planned on Saturday. More information about the closing is available on the Relish blog post, which was posted Saturday.

Brad Beracha, who owns Miso, also owns ARAKA at 131 Carondelet Plaza.  

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CLUE LESS January 02, 2013 at 08:48 PM
Back in 2005, several merchants banded together and approached the city with ideas to revamp the downtown Clayton scene. What did the merchants propose ? Simple -- turn the two "main street" avenues (Central & Meramec) into a de facto Plaza in Kansas City or Maryland Ave in the Central West End. How ? Simply narrow the 6-lane streets down to 3 lanes and expand the sidewalks ! Give the restaurants more sidewalk space and the people would return -- plain and simple. Instead -- the BLOWHARDS at City Hall have done nothing while merchant after merchant closes up shop. Chez Leon, Portabella, Maraza, Il Vicino, Sansai, Benito's, KD Poppa's, Zuzu's, India Rasoi, Kilkenny's...the list goes on and on. AND you have Tucci & Fresta's -- a $600,000 cash loss to the owners -- gone in 6 months. This is a restaurant that has two proven owners. They convert to a Pasta House and decide to close it within 2 months. The final curtain call will be when the leases held by current merchants expire. Goodbye to Jennifer's Pharmacy. Goodbye to Barrister's. Goodbye to Coastal. When the dust finally settles, Clayton will have even more empty storefronts and no one to blame but the Mayor, her Aldermen and their poor excuse of a business development office. So change the city slogan now: CLAYTON -- THE HOME OF THE $5,000 SOLAR TRASHCAN !


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