CVS to Have Nominal Effect on Traffic, QuikTrip Representative Says

Alan Renner, QuikTrip real estate manager, said the only recommendations following an additional study are directed toward the MRH school crossing guard.

The soon-to-be-completed CVS Pharmacy, on the southeast corner of Manchester Road and Big Bend Boulevard, will have little effect on the amount of traffic at the intersection, said Alan Renner, real estate manager for QuikTrip in St. Louis.

That is in light of a proposed relocation of the at 3010 South Big Bend Boulevard to the northwest corner of Manchester and Big Bend, upgrading to a “Generation 3” QuikTrip in the process.

Traffic engineers at Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier (CBB), contracted by QuikTrip, made a traffic study not taking the CVS into account, and the city of asked for an additional study to include that.

A PDF file of the 15-page report is included with this article.

Renner said the engineers knew that would be the result of further study, but went ahead and formalized it.

“Basically there is no impact to the intersection for that use,” he said.

He said engineers use manuals and prior experience to determine the effect a store will have on traffic, and it’s already known approximately how a business like CVS will do that.

He said no changes to the site plan will be recommended as a result of the additional study, though the traffic engineer did have recommendations for the school crossing guard; what to do and what to wear for increased safety.

The engineers observed the guards as part of the additional study.

“They didn’t have any safety clothing on, or sign, or whistles, or anything at all, just a person, basically walking across the street with the kids,” Renner said.

Renner said the city of Maplewood and the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District received the additional report on Monday.

The Maplewood Richmond Heights school board came out against the relocation in March, when school to members of the school community opposing it.

Renner said his intent is to have further conversations with the school district.

“We definitely want to get together, and right now it’s in their court,” Renner said. “They asked us to do this. We’ve done it. We’ve distributed it, and so what they told us, is to give us time to digest it and we’re going to get back with you. So I’m waiting to hear from them.”

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Jeff Kiefer August 31, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Thanks Doug for the summary. I reviewed the revised study as well and there are a couple other additions worth mentioning. One was that they added "service level" numbers to the report plus revisions to those calcs adding their CVS volume estimates. These are their calculations for the delay per car at the intersection. I suppose these are theoretical calculations based upon traffic loads and I admit I don't understand how these are derived or how they relate to safety. But I assume they mean something to traffic experts. The other addition is that the original study was conducted in May and this revision includes their observances of students walking recently "in August". There are more students walking now than in May. The AM walkers observed in May was 25 and 47 were observed in August. After school walkers in May was 55 and now is 63. The report also includes aerial maps showing the paths these students took along with counts and locations where jaywalking was observed. It is a more up to date and thorough account of the walking and the maps may be helpful for all parties. But there really is not anything significant to the revision. I was told that the dialogue between the city, QT and BOE was postponed awaiting this report. One might assume now a dialogue will restart. We shall see.
Katie Meyers August 31, 2012 at 05:29 PM
A company hired by QuikTrip has found that adding a QuickTrip to the corner won't cause additional traffic. Well, color me stunned. Who could have predicted that? I drive by the corner twice each morning to take my child to the ECC. Martini is already a very busy road, full of both parents dropping off children and kids walking to school. Adding another very busy business to this intersection is simply a tragic accident waiting to happen. As a resident, I implore my city to deny this proposal. Business growth is critically important to our area, but pedestrian safety must come first.
Gary E Holt August 31, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Do you truly believe QT would ask a highly respected firm to risk their reputation (and future business) by submitting false data . . . and, in effect, LIE? Really?
Jeff Kiefer September 01, 2012 at 02:18 PM
It understandable to have skepticism about a consultants views paid by qt. however I don't think they are lieing. The really feel that adding cvs is minimal impact and they may be right. But the big issue is how this affects Martini. And here is where the consultant stands on that...first they make no estimates for how many cars will travel north on Martini, second they say 1/3 of the trips will be via martini and most importantly they suggest "consider realigning Martini such that the south end turns east to intersect with BB....and property adjacent to qt be vacated". They are suggested a recinfiguration of Martini. Its in their report verbatim. So i conclude then that consultant obviously feels like I do that martini is a safety issue without some alterations.


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