Crushed Red Gets Four Out of Five Stars on Yelp

Thirty-four people have reviewed the new pizza-and-salad restaurant so far, and they're leaving favorable comments—along with a few suggested improvements.

Clayton's recently opened offers pizza, salads and other fare. In return, it's getting plenty of favorable reviews from people on the website Yelp.

WIth 34 reviews so far, the Maryland Avenue restaurant has an overall rating of four out of five stars. Quoting from several reviews:

"Crushed Red is what I would describe as a slick combination of Panera, Coldstone Creamery and Subway."

"Another healthy (and so delicious) lunch option… I could not be happier after my first visit to Crushed Red."

"The portions are the right amount for someone who is truly hungry for a whole meal or someone who isn't that hungry and just wants to take leftovers home."

"'Meh, I've experienced better' about sums this place up."

"I'd suggest putting the tip jar out front, just like other casual dining cafes like Kaldi's and Kayaks."

Read more comments, food suggestions and reviews in the complete Crushed Red page on Yelp.

More about Crushed Red on Patch:


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