New Clothing Store to Open in Colonial MarketPlace

Dimvaloo will be the first in the Midwest among 130 stores globally.

What do Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens have in common?

They have all worn Lorna Jane activewear clothing.

On June 1, Dimvaloo will open to the public in the Colonial MarketPlace in Ladue and Clayton.

Lorna Jane Clarkson has been designing fitness and fashion wear since 1960. She designed her first outfits and then opened a store front to sell her goods. Since then, the number of stores selling her products has grown to 131 globally. Ten are in California, and the remaining are in Australia.

Lorna Jane Clarkson's personal philsophy is driven by Move, Nourish and Believe. Her beliefs have inspired the popular brands of active sports wear for fashion and fitness.

This line of clothing is designed for the woman who enjoys running, cycling, yoga and outdoor exercise. Here is a look at outfits you will expect to see at the first Dimvaloo store anywhere outside California or Australia.


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